Groovyhead Reviews

Blues Matters Oct/Nov 06 The Muggery, Upton Blues Festival 2006

I wandered up to The Muggery but was not able to get anywhere near it as there were throngs of people spilling out onto pavement and road to listen to Groovyhead. They too are regulars here and play The Muggery each time. Loud heavy rock influenced material played with panache and great fun. People were getting their beer from the Social Club opposite and crossing back over to be outside The Muggery and listen.

Dianne Gillard

bluesinbritain 2002 Marrs Bar, Worcester 19/1/02

GroovyHead is led with great style and confidence by Clive on guitar and lead vocals, with Paul Atterbury on bass, Chris Howells, drums, and Rob Scott, guitar. Clive is a stalwart of Marrs's Wednesday blues-jams, but I'd never seen him with his band before, and it was an agreeable surprise: they are very good, good enough to support Amor next month and funky enough to whet our appetites for the main act.

About 50-50% standards and own stuff: a Buddy Guy, "Every Girl I See", and a Freddie King, "Palace Of The King" where both guitars took a blistering jog through every blazing riff and chord you ever wanted to play but couldn't. Their own songs included a happily-confessed Hooker rip-off with a verse from "Don't Start Me To Talkin", and something vaguely Zappa-ish all about cheap sunglasses ("Buy some shades and cheat somebody"). "Too Cool" gave Rob a chance to show that there is such a thing as a band containing two lead guitars that works, smoothly and uncluttered, he and Clive working in perfect sych. "Love Her With A Feeling" had three corruscating choruses, blissfully stinging like the morning after a plate of chillies.

Bob Jones

Toxic Pete Marrs Bar, Worcester 19/1/02

Playing a supporting role to New Blood, Goovyhead lived up to their name by giving their all to a set of blues with a 'groove'!

Their well performed set started with an their own 'World In Trouble' before moving through a few covers such as 'Every Girl I See', 'Love Her With A Feeling' and 'Living In A Dream'. Some fine individual guitar work from Clive Kennard and Rob Scott mixed with some brilliantly executed dual guitar work reminiscent of early Wishbone Ash was competently backed by the precise, un-fussy drumming of Chris Howells and bass of Paul Atterbury. Clive, sporting Lennon style, circular shades and short pony tail looked totally 'rock 'n' roll' and his vocals were absolutely right for their chosen blues style.

A few more originals followed, 'Walk Away', 'Breakin' Up' and 'Too Cool' before finishing with another superbly performed cover, 'Palace Of The King'. Their 50 minute set was tight and exciting and set the night off extremely well. For a band that's played a handful of gigs together they showed great potential - but there again they should have great potential as they are a band of fine individual musicians with years of experience between them!

Pete Brown

Rhythm and Blues The Old Anchor, Upton On Severn 16/6/05

Well it's been a while since I last saw this outfit live and I was curious to find out how things were progressing. Things is OK!! Playing a small pub venue where there's no stage, just a very tight space between front door and various pillars etc., on a very warm summers night this seemed like a bit of a challenge all round. Groovyhead played two fortyfive minute sets of mainly original material to a nicely appreciative audience. Due to the size of the venue and the close proximity of the discerning ears the lads had to play with more than the usual degree of control and an absolute minimum of Groovyhead animation. They did just fine! New drummer Vince Ballard has settled into his role very well and played a well-tight-stormer with bassman Paul Atterbury. Between them they laid down a steady, never wavering backdrop for the great guitar duels of the front men. The twin guitars of Clive Kennard and Rob Scott vied with their usual panache and vigour, oozing out great riffs and licks with just the right amount of fx that so typify Groovyhead's style. Clive's also improved in the vocal department; he sang with more conviction and belief in himself and it showed. His vocals were crisp, clear and heart-felt. For me, the first set was by far the more entertaining of the two. The second set seemed to fade a little in passion and depth of material as the night just got hotter and more steamy. Nonetheless, this was another good outing that went down well. If I had just one criticism tonight (and I normally find something to make these guys keep on their toes) it would be with Clive's spoken intro's. Please Clive take a little more care and attention to detail with the spoken word. You're doin' great with the vocals but speaking through a mic is a completely different skill. Most of your intro's were almost inaudible and if you've got something to say to your audience make sure they can actually understand what it is you're telling them. 'Nuff said!! Anyway, I really enjoyed the gig and look forward to my next encounter with them.